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When employees at your company walk in to their new offices, they'll be moving in to a space that aims to stimulate their minds by providing a fun environment, similar to the company's work spaces around the world


The office itself wears a warehouse look, which is a throwback to the beginnings of google in a garege in Menlo park, California,

The new office reinforecs the culture of the orgainzation  and is attractive to the young-Gen X, GenY. people are happier and that promotes productivity.

Around the world, working at these type of office is meant to be fun. Many companies are creating smart, funky offices for people to work in. companies are bringing global practices to India. where the workforce is getting younger and work habits are changing .

More than half of India's population around 24 today. the median age is around 27 and by 2020. India will have 28%% of the world's workforce, according to a recent report of Federation of  Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The younger employees kind of expect that the idea that I need an office or an assigned station is more for the older generation. The younger folks just want a place to go, be fluid, and sit near each other. And it shows up in productivity as well. It's a talent strategy.

In such offices you can often see groups of people standing together and scribbling ideas on a glass wall sometimes discussing strategy around the pool table .